Norway Steel Group AS specializes in supplying all types of structural steel to meet our clients’ needs, in conformance with their specifications and requirements. Signing a contract directly with us, and not with some “unknown” subcontractor, gives you solid assurance of an on-time delivery with minimal risk. All steel fabrication is carried out in our name and under our strict management system. Our pre-qualified workshops around the globe have carried out steel fabrication for several decades, both for light and heavy steel structures, ranging from offshore oil installations and heavy lifting equipment to simple steel trusses.

All our deliveries will be trial assembled and approved by us before leaving the workshop, including necessary load tests if required.

Norway Steel Europe s.r.o, our subsidiary based in Slovakia, was established to carry out all of Norway Steel’s core business in Europe, particularly inside the EU. This avoids the difficult VAT problems linked to fabrication and delivery inside the EU as well issues related to exporting from the EU.

NorwaySteel Asia registered as Wuhan Steel Machinery Co. Ltd is our subsidiary in China, in possession of a valid Chinese export license and providing us with assistance on various tasks, such as project management, QS/QC, procurement, tender and bid inquires, contracts, logistic, etc.

Norse Inspection Co. Ltd is a Chinese registered subsidiary, independent 3rd party company that is engaged in NDE inspection, material testing, documentation and QS/QC engineering for steel work in the petroleum and chemical industries, ship-building, offshore structures, bridges, buildings and other facilities.



Latest Projects

  • Gordie Howe Bridge - Detroit, US
  • Houston HSC Bridge - Texas, US
  • Tappan Zee Bridge - NY, US
  • Gorgon LNG II - Australia
  • Wheatstone LNG - Australia

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